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The place i always wanted to visit

Hey guys its me again, but this time I'm in SWEDEN! I arrived in Sweden at around 12 pm. Sweden is a place that i always wanted to visit ever since i was little. Growing up as a gamer, Sweden is a place that I wanted to visit. I checked into Radisson Blu Strand in Stockholm. Right away I'm going out to explore Sweden,I'm out.

I'm back and oh boy i had a good time. The first place i visited was Dreamhack. Dreamhack is the world's largest gaming festival. Almost every game you can think about has tournaments at Dreamhack. It holds the world record in the Guinness book of records and Twin Galaxies, for the world's largest LAN party and computer festival. Games like Counter Strike, Starcraft, League of Legends, etc host toury games at Dreamhack. DreamHack actually began as a small gathering of schoolmates and friends in the basement of an elementary school in Malung in the early '90s. In 1994 it was moved to the school cafeteria and became one of the larger regional demo parties at the time. First one to go by the name DreamHack. Starting in the year 2002, DreamHack became a semiannual event with DreamHack Summer, aiming for games. How I wish I was able to be part of one of the tournaments, but sadly I would have to stay for about 3 days. For sure I will be visiting Sweden to take part in Dreamhack. Anyways my next destination on my map is Romania, which is a place that i wanted to visit for a while now. I'm out for now, until next time pce.




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I Love Romania club music!!

I just checked into Athenee Palace Hilton. It a actually a pretty nice Hotel. The front desk was very nice, they spoke fluent English so it was very easy to understand them. The main reason why i came to Romania is for the music. I'm going to visit a DJ right now, i probably wont be able to write more when i come back from it, i will be to tired. I have this thing for club music, i love it. I'm also into techno, Electro, house,dupstep, drumnBass,etc. Music like that always makes me feel good. The name of the DJ is EXTNCT. He is doing a gig at the club I'm going to tonight so i will be able to meet him. Hopefully i can get some of his original mixes.

Hey I'm back and I'm to tired to write a lot. My next destinations leads me to Oceania,Australia, until then pce.



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Hey I'm back, i just arrived in Canberra, Australia. This country is just way to hot for me, i actually feel uncomfortable outside. Anyways the hotel that I'm staying at is Sydney. Sydney is a stunning hotel over the Sydney Harbor.It's part of Four Seasons Hotel, this hotel is right beside vibrant shopping and business centers.

Today was awesome. My journey started at Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. I first enjoyed a meal on the colonial Tramcar Restaurant. I decided to come here because i read from forums that The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is one of Melbourne's star attractions. I went on a sightseeing tour with two essential Melbourne experiences, including a tram ride and great food. After that i went on a Melbourne Balloon flight. It was a magical hot air balloon flight over Melbourne, this was the first city in the world that i was able to soar above in a hot air balloon. The air balloon flies for approximately one hour. My Melbourne balloon flight included complimentary hotel transfers so it was easy for me to find. Anyways its late and tomorrow morning i leave for my next destination, see ya then laters.



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I arrived at my hotel at 9 in the morning, I'm at a Hilton hotel its a Fiji Beach Resort and Spa. As soon as i got to my hotel, i went right down to the restaurant. I was starving, didn't get to eat anything before the flight. After that I actually had no clue what was fun to do around Fuji, so i asked the front desk. They told me that there isn't much you can do in Fuji but i should give the Museum in Suva a try.

While i was there I decided to take a tour of the museum. The guide told us a lot of interesting facts, that i didn't even know. The museum holds archaeological findings dating back 3500 years as well as cultural objects reflecting Fiji's inhabitants during the past 100 years. I got to see many different objects that were used by people over 100 years ago, it was pretty cool to see how things worked back then compared to how we do things now. Tomorrow i leave for my last destination, which is Hawaii.Take to you then =D




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I arrived in Honolulu County, Hawaii at 9pm. The weather here in Hawaii is just beautiful, its hot but the breeze makes you feel amazing. You can hear the palm trees as the wind blows against it. The hotel I'm staying at it is Mauna Lani by Classic Resorts. The hotel is surrounded by palms trees all around making it amazing hotel to be in. I heard that there was many things you could do in Hawaii, so i decided to go Action Sport fishing on Maui and Kona Hawaii. Maui sportfishing adventure from Lahaina took me around the islands of Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Molokini. On my Maui trip I had a chance to hook up to a variety of marlin species, mahi mahi (dorado), ahi (tuna), ono (wahoo) and more. Kona sportfishing expedition lead us on a hunt for some of the world's largest gamefish, into some of the finest sportfishing grounds available. I also got to see, whale watching, spinner dolphin playing in the wake, long-time residents of Maui and Kona. All in all it was very fun and i wish I could do it again sometime. Well this was my last destination on my Dream trip around the world. Now i head back to my home in Ontario to live on with my daily life.




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